Florida Lawmaker Signs Bill Helping Homeowners Go Solar

Florida legislator Rick Scott signs bill that boost consumer protections and incentives for borrowers taking out solar loans, a type of financing that funds energy-efficient solar panel projects for home improvements.

What Does This Mean For Florida Homeowners?

Well, for beginners, the federal and state governments are helping homeowners receive solar panel loans in specific zip codes in Florida at little to $0 cost. The funds would go to solar panel contractors for installation and maintenance. The solar panels would be installed on your roof with zero upfront costs. Why? You ask... Good question! Specific zip codes in Florida get more sunlight than others. The amount of solar energy created by these zip codes are tremendous and may not only cut your electricity payment completely but generate extra clean solar energy that is converted into watts and sold back to your utility provider. This in fact generates a source of clean energy which the government needs and creates an extra source of income for the homeowner.

It gets even better... The federal and state governments offer rebates on your solar loan. Which means, if eligible, you may be able to get deductions for the solar panel payments with tax credits at the end of the year as long as you don't miss any payments. There are various federal and state rebates with incentives. To see if you qualify, click below.



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